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Debbie Quiles

Being a tech savvy and a Degree in Computer Science, Debbie Quiles works here at Industry News Center as the head of Technology department. She has a vast experience of 7 years in this field. She is associated with Industry News Center from the last 5 years. Debbie is considered as one of the veterans in the industry and she is the one where people comes if they have any doubts or any query.

Email Id:- debbie.q@industrynewscenter.com

Phone No:- +1 775-328-1594

Christopher Madsen
SR. News Reporter

Being good with numbers and having a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Christopher Madsen here works as the manager and lead for Business department. He has a significant experience of 6 years at Industry News Center. Apart from training a few interns, he also looks after the finance at Industry News Center. In his free time, Christopher will be seen chilling at home with couple of friends, watching his favorite series on Netflix.

Email Id:- christopher.m@industrynewscenter.com

Phone No:- +1 775-206-8519

John Fuller

John Fuller has 4 years of experience in this field and is connected with Industry News Center  from the past 2 years. He has a Degree in Medical and hence is the perfect fit to lead the Medical department. He is well aware of all the incidents and scenarios taking place in his domain. In his free time, John will be seen stuck his head in his favorite novel with a number of empty coffee mugs on the side table

Email Id:- john.f@industrynewscenter.com

Phone No:- +1 775-934-6073

Wilma Bryant

Wilma Bryant has done his certification and Masters in Astronomy from a well-known institute. She has 4 years of experience with Industry News Center and works as the chief of Science department. She is also known from conducting sessions to train the interns. In addition to this, she also helps sometimes in the Technology department. Apart from working at Industry News Center, Wilma will be seen cycling around the neighborhood and playing football in her free time.

Email Id:- wilma.b@industrynewscenter.com

Phone No:- +1 775-450-7904

Editorial Staff Emails & Contact Information

Debbie Quiles:- debbie.q@industrynewscenter.com+1 775-328-1594

Christopher Madsen:- christopher.m@industrynewscenter.com+1 775-206-8519

John Fuller:- john.f@industrynewscenter.com | +1 775-934-6073

Wilma Bryant:-  wilma.b@industrynewscenter.com |  +1 775-450-7904

General Email Addresses

General :- info@industrynewscenter.com
Editorial information :- editor@industrynewscenter.com