Amazon Ups Its Game On Open Source, Elastic Shares Down By 5%

Amazon Ups Its Game On Open Source, Elastic Shares Down By 5%

After the year of ups and downs with its relationship with Elastic, AWS has launched its independent library of open source-code known as Open Distro. This resulted in the downfall of the stocks of Elastic by 5%. The Elastics has been serving many platforms with its open-source code technologies that anybody can use without paying a buck to modify, share and use. This bold move by Amazon has deeply represented its power and hold of being a bigger firm in the market. AWS is one of the apex cloud providers in the market and this big step has made a huge impact on the market, especially on the companies which are targeted on its distribution.

Adrian Cockcroft, AWS Executive has stated his views a blog that AWS has taken this big step because the archives of Elastics have become unclear and blurry which created a lot of problems with the proprietary code. He further added that they have discussed the issues they were having with the Elastic search but the team of Elastic denied to make any changes in their current design and structure.

With this statement and market changing step, the CEO of Elastic, Shay Banon backfired with his blog. He stated that his products were redistributed and forked many times, by which he lost the actual number of counts. He added that he considered it a sign of success and which indeed was. He lashed the Amazon’s statements by saying that they have so many vendors from small to big but the one with fake benevolence never lasted.

Different analysts have stated their different views on this issue. Many of them hailed the big step of Amazon while some said that there’s no reason to cause panic and distress from either side. RBC Capital Market Analyst, Matthew Hedberg wrote that there’s no connection between the fall of Elastic and launch of Open Distro as it is being stated in the news and these are just ups and downs of the market.

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