Yet Another Milk Alternative Make It To Some Of The Starbucks Cafe In The US

Yet Another Milk Alternative Make It To Some Of The Starbucks Cafe In The US

Coffee chain Starbucks recently announced that it will offer oat milk as alternative to dairy milk for its customers as a healthy substitute. Since oat milk’s taste and texture is the closest to actual milk than other alternatives like almond milk and soy milk it is likely to become popular soon as an alternative.  Starbucks stated that this dairy –free substitute will be offered at five locations from this week during initial stage. The milk is extracted from steel-cut oats by first soaking them in water and then blending and straining the mixture which can be steamed for use in lattes.

Its foray into oat milk is to whet growing appetite of Americans for dairy-free alternatives like quinoa milk, soy milk and almond milk of which only the last two are most preferred. According to data shared by Mintel the sale for non-dairy milk grew by 61 percent between 2012 and 2017 and is estimated at $2.11 billion. During this period the sale of regular dairy milk declined by 15 percent and now amounts to $16.12 billion. Craze for oat milk in US stated years ago when Swedish firm Oatly made its entry into the US.

Though enthusiasm for its demand fell briefly during last year due to shortage following sky-high demand the firm knows the market is not likely to go down anytime soon and has therefore opened its first production plant in United States to help push up supplies. Other firms are soon going to join the bandwagon for oat milk as Quaker Oats has said that it will launch its own version in November this year. Though Starbucks started offering oat-milk to its European customers way back in 2018 only now spiraling demand has encouraged it to try the product in US market. As of now oat-milk will be available in only Seattle, New York and San Francisco outlets of Starbucks.

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