No Deal Brexit Rejected By MPs—Report

No Deal Brexit Rejected By MPs—Report

The MP’s on Thursday will vote on whether to seek permission from the EU regarding delaying the departure. They have already voted a 312 to 308 rejecting the no-deal Brexit.

In a series of votes casted on no-deal Brexit, the commons had a margin of four in the rejection of the no-deal; this decision was further reinforced in another vote by a 321 to 278, making the majority to 43. As per this deal, the UK was not supposed to move from EU without a deal on 29 March.

The government with a view of keeping the Brexit process under control, asked the Conservative parties to cast vote against it. However the plans failed when the ministers refused the orders. This also gave chance for talks that Theresa May had lost her hold within the party. Thirteen ministers refused the government orders and abstained from the voting. They include Greg Clark, Business Secretary, Amber Rudd– Secretary of Work and Pensions. The Scottish Secretary – David Mundell and David Gauke- Justice Secretary followed the same.

Sarah Newton, Work and pensions minister who has voted against the motion has now resigned. Mr. Mundell clearly stated his opposition to the no-deal Brexit. Now the MP’s will be having two choices to make, either to support the PM’s twice defeated deal or to accept the delay of Brexit.

The MP’s on Thursday would be asked their views on delaying Brexit till June 30 if they back the PM’s deal by March 20. If they do not favor the deal, then this could lead to a further increase in delay. The MP’s had voted a 374 to 164, rejecting the move of delaying UK’s departure till the 22 of May.

A European Commission spokesperson said that there were only two options, either UK should leave EU with a deal or without and that EU was ready to face it either way.

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