HASC Chairman Finds Space Force Proposal Exorbitant

HASC Chairman Finds Space Force Proposal Exorbitant

The House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Adam Smith, said in a conference on Wednesday that the Space Force proposal put forward by the White House is not a reasonable one. Smith had advocated a separate military section for space even before Trump got on with the idea. Legislation had been approved by the HASC in 2017 for the creation of a Space Corps under the Air Force Department.

Smith called Trump’s proposal to be expensive and said it would lead to more bureaucracy. He is of the view that having more number of four star generals is not going to help them build their strength in space.

Jim Cooper, who is the HASC Strategic Forces Subcommittee Chairman and Mike Rogers, who is the ranking Member, is the lead in drafting the blueprint for the committee. Smith hopes that their proposal would be different from that of Trump’s and would emphasize more on space without giving space for a new bureaucracy. Sen. Dick Durbin, Ranking Member suggested that the new proposal should be carefully studied and reviewed. Air force secretary, Heather Wilson suggested that if they were planning to have a four star, then there should be certainly some number of three stars, two and one star below it to support it.

Pentagon officials have held meeting with the lawmakers to have discussion on the Space Force proposal. The Pentagon has already started distributing booklets on Space Force and even posted some documents online with a hope of swaying away the doubters.

As per the reports by officials, the annual cost for a Space force is estimated to be around $500 million with about 15000 people, with the headquarters including about 1000 people. Durbin said that the new bureaucracy would cost them around $2 billion and it should be well analyzed if spending such a huge amount would be a better investment for the defense. He further said that this should not leave them with regrets in future when the bureaucracy has more number of people than it actually requires.

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