Hubble Space Telescope Is Detected With A New Camera Glitch

Hubble Space Telescope Is Detected With A New Camera Glitch

The Hubble Space Telescope’s one of the most creative camera eyes has gone dark, and the researchers are trying to know the reason behind the incident.

According to a NASA status update, on Feb. 28, the telescope’s Advanced Camera for Surveys has suffered a problem during a routine computer procedure and it popped up an error saying that the software used inside the camera had not loaded successfully. On March 1, NASA officials wrote in the update that the team allied with the Hubble along with the flight controllers and software experts are working on this malfunction. As per the NASA officials, they wrote that the team at present is studying to figure out the root cause of the glitch and then they will act on to construct a recovery plan.

The telescope is still able to perform its study of the universe. Hubble is around 29-year-old observatory and it has got three other science instruments. These instruments are all in working mode and are performing their operations successfully. The instruments include a Cosmic Origins Spectrograph, Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3, and the Hubble’s Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph. Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys has taken some most amazing pictures of the universe and was installed on Hubble in March 2002.

The installation was made by the astronauts who were on a servicing mission. In 2007 an electrical short has hit the camera offline. But in 2009, during STS-125 mission of NASA, the camera was fixed by a crew of astronauts. In January, the telescope’s Wide Field Camera 3 has gone offline after the software has sensed strange voltage readings. As per the NASA officials, the levels of voltage in real were fine. Both NASA and the European Space Agency have collaborated for the Hubble Space Telescope mission. It was launched in April 1990 and was planned initially to serve 15-years, but it has lasted almost twice its estimation.

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