Economists Says China Likely To Engage In Shadow Lending

Economists Says China Likely To Engage In Shadow Lending

Economist in China told CNBC that after a few tramping shadow banking sessions, China is finally moving towards allowing lending to stabilize the economic condition. These facts were stated last Monday, well before the countries Parliaments were scheduled to hold its sessions.

According to Xiang Songzou, a Renmin University professor, the priority agenda for the NPC for this year would be to stop further decline of the nation. This statement was made in reference to the People’s Republic of the nation, which is scheduled to kick start this Tuesday. Xiang said that the regulators would encourage more shadow banking and financing mostly in the private sectors. Xiang was a deputy director previously of the People’s bank in China and also a chief Economist for the Agricultural Bank of the nation.

In Shadow Banking, financial activities are performed by the bank outside the sector, subjecting such transactions to a higher level of risk and a lower level of regulatory framework. The Chinese government is now having talks about stabilizing the economy rather than concentrating on cutting down the debts of the nation. The GDP targets of the nation last year was about 6.5 %.  Sources this year have mentioned that the natio0nb would plan its target for the current year somewhere from 6.0 % to 6.5 %.

According to Xiang, shadow banking is returning to the nation. He said that Beijing is more likely to invest in the private sector of the nation to boost the economy in the years to come. There is also a fare bit of risk in the activities that are performed in shadow banking as these transactions are hidden for the nation’s balance sheet, hence proving to be negative factor in the nation’s growth rate. He added that on one hand such transactions need to be regulated, and on the other hand they should be allowed to boost the nation’s economic condition.

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