Measles Increasing At Alarming Rates Across The Globe, Says UNICEF

Measles Increasing At Alarming Rates Across The Globe, Says UNICEF

According to data released by UNICEF about health conditions from around the globe that are collected by WHO, measles is gaining ground across the world and between 2017-18 as per data from 194 countries cases increased by 48.8 %. As per data analysis released by UNICEF around ten nations including Philippines, Brazil and France together account for three quarter of actual increase of measles case in 2018. Officials of the international body for children stated that this global surge of measles cases poses a threat to health of children across the world.

The agency stated that poor health infrastructure, civil disorder, low awareness and sudden backlash against immunization and vaccination campaigns by government are the driving forces for these recent outbreaks of the disease which was once almost eradicated. Henrietta H. Fore of UNICEF stated that these cases have not happened in a short gap and are similar to outbreak that we see today that have occurred due to action taken in 2018 which could have serious implications on children in the future. The worst case scenarios were witnessed in Ukraine which had the biggest rise of 35120 cases in 2018, Brazil that had 10262 cases and Philippines that had 15599 cases.

Philippines had the worst growth rate of 548 % between 2017 and 2018 that led to death of 203 from the disease as per data released by WHO and UNICEF. Though Brazil had no cases in 2017 it suddenly had 10262 cases last year while Yemen, Venezuela, Sudan, Thailand, France, Madagascar and even Serbia witnessed large increase in numbers of measles cases. This highly infectious disease can live up to two or three hours in the atmosphere after a sick person has coughed or sneezed in the region. UNICEF stresses as there are no treatments for this disease, only vaccination can save the life of children.

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