German ‘Mole’ Penetrates Mar’s Soil—Report


As per latest report of German Aerospace Center its “Mole” spacecraft has managed to automatically drill its way into the surface of Mars planet and make an impression with depths of 18-50 centimeters on its soil. It made the indentation over a period of 4 hours by hitting the surface area with 4000 hammer blows. According to principal investigator of the experiment called to as HP3, the Mole appeared to have hit a stone during its drilling process and then pushed it aside and worked downwards till it reached another stone and continued past it throughout the four hour operation of its first sequence.

The tests on Earth carried out prior to this experiment showed that this rod shaped penetrometer was able to push small stones aside though it would be a time consuming task. The procedure will continue for another four hours after the machine cools down and in next weeks, they will continue this process until the Mole reaches targeted level of three to five meters and reaches porous ground. After it reaches porous ground the Mole will set up a tether with a length of 5 meters that will be equipped with temperature sensors on Martian soil.

This cable is fitted with 14 temperature sensors that will measure the dispersion of temperature in the depths of Martian soil and will study changes in this temperature over passage is time along with flow of heat from its depths. This rod shaped penetrometer will use completely automatic electric hammer mechanism to drive into the subsurface of Mars. This probe pauses each time after four hours for around three days and then resumes the hammering procedure.  Mr. Torben from DLR Institute of Space Systems said that the Mars Mole functions like a huge nail with its own built in hammer that is pushing it into the earth.

John Fuller
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