Amazon Prime Users Can Now Set A Day For Their Weekly Delivery

Amazon Prime Users Can Now Set A Day For Their Weekly Delivery

Rather than having one more package deliver at your doorstep each day, Amazon needs to slash down on delivery and cardboard trips by offering Prime members the capability of scheduling what day all of their packages deliver. The new function, dubbed as Amazon Day, will cover your week’s worth of products and bring them all on a single day each week. The concept is to make deliveries less wasteful and more predictable.

To employ the new feature, search for the Amazon Day alternative on your next purchase during check out. Once you see it, you can select what day of the week you need all of your goods to deliver. Rather than shipping an item as soon as you check out, the firm will collect all of the orders that you need on your chosen day and bring them in a single trip to your door.

On a related note, Amazon earlier claimed that it is bringing its program of enabling entrepreneurs to operate their own fleet of delivery trucks for the firm to India, as per sources aware of the matter. This program was declared in the U.S. previously this year. The Seattle-located firm had declared in June 2018 that it was ready to work with small companies in the U.S. by offering transportation with the Amazon brand at a discounted price. This will come along with insurance, fuel, & other advantages and allow a firm to make almost $300,000 per year operating 40 trucks for the firm.

Below the program, internally dubbed as Project Armada, Amazon has also joined hands to operate with some logistics firms in India who will supply and lease out vehicles to companies here. One such company has already leased a number of vehicles to businesses and entrepreneurs, as per one of the sources. The program as of now has begun in Delhi, another source claimed to the media in an interview.

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