The New Military Dept. Will Delve In Space Culture

The New Military Dept. Will Delve In Space Culture

The officials of Defense Department have talked about a five-year plan on Friday to form a US Space Force as a new arm of the military. If it is approved by the Congress, with only 15,000 members, it would become the smallest armed services. The annual cost of forming this new force would be $500 million.

The uniforms, weapons, basic training all were not discussed in the proposal of the Pentagon’s Space Force. The officials said that at this stage to discuss these things in detail is premature. The first step is to gain the authorization of the Congress and to get $72 million in the year 2020 for form the headquarters of the Space Force in the Pentagon which would be under the Air Force department.

Initially the headquarters would employ about 200 people which would be mixture of civilian and military personnel. The staff will be led by a vice chief of staff, four-star chief of staff, and a civilian undersecretary of the Air Force for space. In only seven months, the Pentagon formed the proposal following the order of the President Donald Trump. He had ordered to establish a space service. The Pentagon has asked the Congress to review and include the proposal in the National Defense Authorization Act (2020). Patrick Shanahan, the Acting Defense Secretary said that he wants the Space Force’s birthday to be on October 1.

Administration officials are worrying that there is an opportunity to get it done. This year if the authorization of the Space Force is not to happen, it would fall by wayside during the presidential election next year.  One of the officials of the Pentagon said that this year even if the Congress approves it, the Space Force won’t be a 2020 event. This will take time, he said.

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