Keeping Track Of Your Diet Is The Best Way For Weight Loss—Study

Keeping Track Of Your Diet Is The Best Way For Weight Loss—Study

As per a new research, if one wishes to lose weight, he/she must keep a record or monitor their fat and calorie intake through the whole day is probably the best way of success, rather than walking the treadmill for hours. It is exactly as it suggest, when you are consuming something, note it down. But commonly, self-monitoring diet often looks alike time consuming and unpleasant, it is really hard for many people who wants to lose weight but cannot gather enough of the will power to make it happen.

Recently, according to a study printed in the month of March in Obesity says that, the reality of self-monitoring diet might be not as much of unpleasant than the awareness. The successful participants, later 6 months of monitoring their diet consumption in a weight loss activity conducted online were made to spend a normal of 14.6 minutes each day on the activity. The fat and calories were recorded by the participants for all beverages and foods consumed by them, and the preparation procedures and the portion sizes as well. Researchers conducted the study at the University of South Carolina and Vermont, is the 1st to measure the actual time taken by self-monitoring the diet.

Jean Harvey, lead author of the story from the University of Vermont said that, it is hated by people at the start, they take it as awful thing, but how much time is consumed by self-monitoring the diet was the only question asked to them. and the answer was not plentiful. Self-monitoring habits of 142 candidates were looked by Harvey along with her colleagues in an intervention of online weight control. An online session led by a trained dietician met the candidates for 24 weeks. That’s how they muster the data for the research.

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