Initial Public Hearings On Legalization Of CBD In Foods Planned In April By FDA

Initial Public Hearings On Legalization Of CBD In Foods Planned In April By FDA

The Food and Drug Administration of USA or FDA has announced that it will hold CBD related public hearings from early April as it weighs regulations that will thereafter allow firms to add cannabis based compounds to food as additives. Commissioner Gottlieb stated to the House of Appropriations Committee early this week that the agency is deeply focused on this and has taken hard challenges of this type before. He affirmed that the agency is aware that hemp products have been legalized by Congress which is why he is putting a team of senior officials together that will work on new rules.

The FDA will therefore work on making rules on CBD usage with a public hearing from April but he warned that it may not be a straightforward process. CBD which is short for cannabidiol is a compound found in cannabis plant that can relax the body without causing any psychoactive effect on the brain. Though CBD derived from hemp plant has been legalized by federal government, FDA regulations prohibit food and drink products’ manufacturers and restaurateurs from adding it to their creations and serving it to general public.

Gottlieb had floated something like a framework for this law in which it was suggested that high CBD concentrations would be regulated under drugs while lower concentrations would be in the category of food product s. As cannabis compound has therapeutic benefits a strong regulatory process for medicinal grade CBD will help drug-makers to continue their research and development in this line and make drugs derived out of this herb. He said that Congress can intervene with new legislation if it feels that FDA is takes more than a couple of years to implement the rules. There has been strong interest within consumer product firms for use of CBD but due to lack of clarity in FDA regulations not many have ventured into the field.

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