Bumpy Ride for Lime, as Riders Face Injuries Owing to a Tech Fault

Bumpy Ride for Lime, as Riders Face Injuries Owing to a Tech Fault

Lime, the e-scooter hire firm, has issued warnings about a flaw that can result in riders falling off their scooters when riding at high speeds. The fault has already caused injuries and is most common when riders hit bumps when riding downhill at full speed. The bug makes scooters apply excessive braking suddenly, Lime said. An update in software has reduced the material occurrences significantly but riders have been advised to check brakes prior to beginning a journey till all scooters are updated.

The company stated in the advisory note that statistics suggest that the fault about sudden and excessive braking has affected merely 0.0045% of all Lime scooter rides. But it added that even this number meant that some people had been injured, primarily by ‘bumps and bruises’ caused when they were flung off the scooters. Lime said that data suggests that scooters are safer rides than bicycles and other modes of transport. But to ensure greater amount of safety, all users of e-scooters should be cautious, respect and follow road rules and wear helmets.

Lime e-scooters are utilized for over 1 million rides every month and are widely available in over 100 cities. The warning by the company was issued shortly after a recent study conducted by Consumer Reports suggested that ever since 2017, the US has seen over 1,500 accidents related to scooters. There are a minimum of 3 riders who have been known to die in scooter-related accidents. The most recent accident where a rider lost his life took place on February 2 in Austin, Texas. The rider was an exchange student from Ireland named Mark Sands collided with an Uber car, resulting in his death. William Wallace of Consumer Reports stated that safety regulators, helmet-makers, cities, scooter companies and consumers must all work together to improve safety standards.

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