Facebook Ends Its Data Snooping Onavo VPN App

Facebook Ends Its Data Snooping Onavo VPN App

Facebook is closing down its controversial app (Onavo VPN), and will stop its practice of performing unpaid market research initiatives, media reports. Even though paid research examinations will carry on through other methods, the firm claims it will make sure that consumers explicitly know their privacy implications. The Android edition of the Onavo application has now been eliminated from the Play Store, even though will stay functional for current users for a short period of time.

Onavo was accountable for collecting essential info for Facebook. The VPN app touted itself as a method of restricting background app data employment as well as providing “a safe VPN network for your personal data.” On the other hand, it also gathered data about the time consumers spent employing different apps, Wi-Fi and mobile data usage for each app, country & device data, and other data about which sites they visited.

On a related note, Facebook earlier claimed that it will no longer dispatch workers to the offices for political campaigns to provide support before elections. The company did this kind of act in the 2016 race with US President Donald Trump. The firm and other primary online ad sellers comprising Twitter Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google have long provided free devoted assistance to improve relations with top advertisers.

Online ads chief for Trump in 2016, Brad Parscale, earlier asked for onsite “embeds” from Facebook. Facebook has claimed that Hillary Clinton (the Democratic challenger) was provided identical assistance, but she expected a different level in comparison to Trump. Twitter and Google did not instantly answer to questions to comment if they also will pull back support.

Facebook claimed that it can provide help to more candidates all over the world by aiming on providing support via an online portal rather than in person. It claimed that political agencies still will be capable of contacting workers to get basic training on utilizing Facebook.

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