Pentagon To Detail Space Force Plan To Lawmakers

Pentagon To Detail Space Force Plan To Lawmakers

To make President’s Trump’s ideas of a Space Force a reality the Pentagon will need strong bipartisan support from both houses of parliament. To carry out this plan the officers from Pentagon will collaborate with Congress members and staff to share details about how it will organize a high power US Space Force within the existing Air Force Department. Officials from Office of Secretary of Defense have been working on a messaging methodology that can be used to prepare a blueprint about Space Force which can be shared with lawmakers. This outreach plan is likely to a crucial step to secure authorization of congressmen so that the plan can become a part of military service’s fiscal outlay in 2020.

As there are still internal disagreements within the departments about how the proposal can be communicated in the best possible manner to both the Congress and the people of America. Besides committee members of the armed forces few people have detailed information about the ongoing debate of space reorganization between White House and some members of the opposition party. Several lawmakers have hinted that they support the idea they would like to see more details to give their go ahead to it.

Both the DoD and AirForce personnel have to therefore make a viable proposal that will be easy to understand and will also provide clarity about what will be done during this program. A common question query by most congressmen which is likely to be a part of the Q&A session is rationale behind Pentagon’s decision to have both US Space Command and also the US Space Force. Apparently the blueprint for establishment of Space Force has already been drafted with partnership of Defense Dept. and White House officials. One of the major complaints that lawmakers have about Space Force is the lack of a budget details which according to the new draft proposal will be $72 million in 2020 budget.

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