US Has Made Good Progress In 5G Technology Says FCC Commissioner

US Has Made Good Progress In 5G Technology Says FCC Commissioner

Bred Carr, the FCC Commissioner told CNBC on Friday, that currently the US is in a good condition and is leading the fight of acquiring the new5G wireless technology. They are facing a strong competition from the Chinese who are equally advanced in the Wireless Telecommunication Sector. Carr said that U.S. was on the verge of a major technological breakthrough of the decade. The time when it is happening is also right as the regulation rights are also being released simultaneously, Squak Alley stated.

The American President called for a renewed attention in this matter on Thursday though a series of tweets in the evening. He urged the American companies to move ahead with their preparations. As of now, the 6G technology does not exist. When asked about this, Carr mentioned that the next generation platform is still in the development stage, but 5G is a major portion of what is yet to come in the Telecommunication sector. Some other technologies that are under development include the low Orbit Satellite Technology, which are set to be online soon. The current plans are to develop the premises adequately and allow the private sector to come in with as many innovations as they can.

The U.S government is banking on the private sector to win the 5G race, it also has several billion dollars in the pipeline for the development process. The strategic advantage that China enjoys is that they can set up new networks with a simple snap of their fingers. There have been instances where new network lines have been online virtually overnight. This owes its roots to the Different economic system in China. In spite of these stiff competitions Carr is confident that the U.S is capable enough to win as it double downs its resources to acquire this new technology.

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