Medications Of Common Acid Reflux Are Rising The Risk Of Kidney Disease

Medications Of Common Acid Reflux Are Rising The Risk Of Kidney Disease

The most commonly prescribed medications in the world include proton pump inhibitors, which comprise widely known brand names such as Nexium, Prevacid and Prilosec. Nearly, these drugs are taken by 10% of adults in the United States for frequent acid reflux, heartburn and reflux disease like gastroesophageal. The adverse effects and unexpected consequences of proton pump inhibitors consumption of these drugs were mined by researchers from California University. A study was printed in Scientific Reports in Feb. 19, 2019.

As per that study, the patients who consumed proton pump inhibitors were more likely to go through kidney disease as compare to the people who consumed another form of antacid, histamine-2 receptor antagonists, which treat the similar conditions and comprises the brands Zantac and Pepcid was found by the team. FDA collected the post-marketing data and deposited in the database of FDA Adverse Effect Reporting System (FAERS) permitted the researchers to take a look on the adverse effects were beyond to what was found in a medical trial.

According to a study by Abagyan with some students of pharmacy said that, record of more than ten million patients is contained by the FAERS, including information of adverse effects while going through a medication. Proton pump inhibitors are significant for many people as per World Health Organization, which helps people to control the disruptive and painful symptoms in their daily life. But Abagyan suggest that, if people are already at a high risk of kidney disease, they shouldn’t consume that. PPIs are comparatively considered as not so expensive medications, as they are retailed for $7 for course of two weeks, as recommended by generic. But often use of proton pump inhibitors is not good. As per an investigation, $11 billion are spent by Americans every year on PPI’s as estimated. Non-PPI based antacids can be an alternative for PPIs as they are readily available and inexpensive.

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