Open Cosmos Uses VR-Like Simulation For Nano-Satellites

Open Cosmos Uses VR-Like Simulation For Nano-Satellites

Pioneer partner Open Cosmos is using virtual reality-like simulation which replicates life in orbit for space technologies. By using an innovative combination of software and a plug-and-play test platform, the SME based in UK Harwell is slashing time taken for designing and launching space mission. The online ‘beeApp’ software helps in defining a complete space mission from ground up, including launchers, ground stations and satellite sizes selections. Keeping the parameters in mind, simulations on orbits, amount of power received from sun by satellites and time taken for communication with ground are run. Then the information is utilized for creating optimal mission profile. The ‘beeKit’ hardware then emulates sizes, on-board computers and electrical interfaces of real satellites for facilitating design and testing of actual payloads. On linking the two, simulation of space mission and payload performance is achieved.

Amount of solar power available, ground station passes, operation modes of payloads are simulated by beeApp and then played back real payload installed in beeKit, which records payload’s behavior like it is orbiting, providing required data to mission owners for proceeding with mission or improving design. Operational platform beeSat matches kit hardware which can be tested with payload for usual mechanical space-qualifying tests like thermal vacuum and vibration testing, meaning that on withstanding replicated launch and space conditions in beeKit, a playload can be integrated with beeSat immediately. Operational, logistical, legal and technical processes are taken care of by Open Cosmos. Khalil Kably said that Pioneer supports Open Cosmos and similar companies for providing in-orbit validation for different parties or Space Mission Providers.

DaniSors presented beeKit and beeApp tools of Open Cosmos to ESA ECSAT members and ESA experts on February 6. Catherine Mealing-Jones of UK Space Agency said that they are working with European and other global partners for helping Open Cosmos and similar space startups to transform their ideas into commercial realities that will bring in innovation, growth and jobs all over UK. Remco Timmermans of Open Cosmos said that they are making space missions accessible to all by making them simpler.

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