Amazon Begins Selling Echo Wall Clock After Launching Connectivity Fix

Amazon Begins Selling Echo Wall Clock After Launching Connectivity Fix

After a handful of weeks back in the product laboratory, the Echo Wall Clock by Amazon is again prepared to ship after the firm rolled out a software upgrade to deal with connectivity problems plaguing the initial variant of the product that started selling previous month.

The clock, having a price tag of $29.99, links to a compatible Echo device and shows the series of timers you set via Alexa using 60 LED lights. This way, you do not have to repeatedly ask Alexa for updates while doing your job. It is a useful and simple integration and, for that cost, a pretty good-looking wall clock to use.

But it appears like there was some kind of problem with the Bluetooth connectivity between the Echo device and the clock, needing the firm to pull it from the store last month while it created a fix. Now, if you order the device, you can get it in two days with Prime or as early as next day with one-day paid shipping. If you already have the device and did not return it, the firm claims that the update must have gone out automatically through the linked Echo machines.

On a related note, last month at CES, Lenovo declared its new Smart Clock, a basically tinnier edition of its Smart Display that sports Google Assistant. It is mostly developed to get you up in the morning and tell you the time, but it also does a series of different things, as well: it can play music, charge your devices, and even be used with a Google Assistant Routine particularly for sleeping, so your gadgets turn off or go on silent mode with an easy voice instruction. The clock has a 4-inch touch display and a fabric cover that seems essentially identical to the material employed to cover Google Home Mini.

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