Study Suggests Link Between Alcohol And Breast Cancer

Study Suggests Link Between Alcohol And Breast Cancer

A recent research was conducted in Australia. Based on women from Australia, the study claims there is significant link between breast cancer and alcohol drinking. The average age of women who participated in the study is 45 years.

As per World Health Organization (WHO), breast cancer is the primary type of cancer in women around the globe. The reason for breast cancer can be classified into 2 major categories, controllable and uncontrollable. The controllable factors include obesity and lack of exercise. On the other hand, uncontrollable factors include sex and age. Till date another reason for developing breast cancer has been excessive alcohol consumption. While women are aware that alcohol consumption can led to cancer, still they continue to ignore the factor. Women above the age of 45 years are generally prone to this kind of cancer.

The author of this research, Dr. Emma Miller suggests that Australia needs to improve the public policies. The authorities should focus more on prevention of alcohol consumption. Dr. Emma is a part of the Flinders University of Adelaide. She informed that women are still confused about the connection between drinks and breast cancer. They perceive that all drinkers do not get this disease by having alcohol. For this reason, women continue having drinks even though they are aware of the fact that alcohol boosts cancer.

The findings have been published in PLOS ONE journal. 35 women from South Australia participated in the survey. The ladies have been never diagnosed by any form of cancer before. Dr. Miller and her team interviewed the ladies to know their academic qualifications, habit of alcohol consumption and their thoughts on breast cancer development. The women seemed least thoughtful about the fact that they might develop cancer. They were willing to reduce alcohol consumption only if it negatively affected their relationships, lifestyles and body weight.

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