Study Reveals Link Between Pushups And Heart Health In People Over 40

Study Reveals Link Between Pushups And Heart Health In People Over 40

A 40 year old man should be able to do 40 pushups. If not, then there might some cardiac issues. This is the present observation of a research. As per this study, the number of pushups a man can perform can indicate his health condition.

As per the study, men who can perform more than 40 pushups have almost 96% reduced risks of heart diseases, strokes and heart attacks. Men who cannot perform even 10 pushups can have severe health issues. As per Dr. Stefanos Kales, the professor of environment health at Harvard T.H. Chan School considered this to be a dose response. So push-up capacity might be termed as an identifier of general physical fitness of a man. He also informed that push-up ability and aerobic capacity are correlated. There may be athletes who cannot do multiple pushups; there can be people who can do multiple pushups but cannot run.

This study has been done on 1100 male fire-fighters. This study ran for 10 years; it started in 2000. The average age of the participants of the research is 40 years. The men had an average Body Mass Index (BMI) of 28.7. This is considered overweight. BMI is the measurement of body fat; it is based on weight and height of an individual.

The push-up capacity of the men was measured at the beginning of the study. The aerobic capacity of the participants was also measured at the time. They had to run over a treadmill for the purpose. Every man was then asked to go through annual physical regime. They also had to fill sets of health questionnaires. In case these 10 years, 37 men developed cardiac issues. Researchers had divided the team into 5 groups. It was based on the incremental 10 push-up capacity. The purpose was to see if push-up capacity accurately determined the cardiac problems.

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