Study Reveals Immunotherapy Likely To Offer Better Kidney Cancer Treatment

Study Reveals Immunotherapy Likely To Offer Better Kidney Cancer Treatment

There seems to be a paradigm shift and evolvement in the typical way doctors approach the treatment of kidney cancer treatment. On Saturday, two different studies on the topic were published in the Journal of Medicine of New England, which demonstrated that patients suffering from cancer in renal cells had registered significantly better results when their treatment was administered as a combination of Axitinib, which is targeted therapeutic drug or Inlyta, along with immunotherapy. Pembrolizumab, or in other words, Keytruda was used by one study while the other one Avelumab, or what we call Bavencio, was put to use.

According to Dr. Toni Choueiri, this might as well be the proof of the fact that such methods can be adopted if drugs belong to same class and can be combined to be tolerated by the suffering patient. Choueiri is currently designated as the director of Genitourinary Oncology Department at the Lank Center at Dana-Farber Cancer Institution. He also teaches medicine at Boston’s Harvard Medical School and co-authored the study on Avelumab. Earlier, he had been a part of the research on Pembrolizumab, but was not involved in this new study on the drug.

Choueiri said that an overall revolution has been noted in various tumors by new immunotherapies. Targeted cancer therapy is a drug or any other substance that interferes with certain molecules involved in growth, progress as well as spread of cancer cells and thereby blocks the disease. This theory has been proposed by National Cancer Institute.

Immunotherapy is one kind of treatment approach which aims at harnessing certain portions of a body system’s own immunity system in targeting and attacking a disease, for example, cancer. This particular approach may come in more than one form—antibody, vaccines as well as cellular therapies. They can be administered via pills, injections, topical ointments, creams, catheter or capsules.

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