Waze Includes Siri Shortcuts To Its App For iOS

Waze Includes Siri Shortcuts To Its App For iOS

Waze is playing even more properly with Apple after it turned on support for CarPlay earlier in September 2018. The newest edition of its iOS application allows you employ Siri Shortcuts to find your path to a location. You will be capable of setting up shortcuts for things such as the drive home, your morning commute, and directions to your favored places.

The advantages of employing voice commands for navigation while driving are fairly clear, and the addition of Waze to Siri Shortcuts provides consumers more of an option to Apple Maps. The update will certainly come as a bonus for those who employ it to steer clear of crashes, traffic, and construction. On the other hand, it may not assist you steer clear of checkpoints by police in future after the New York Police Department (NYPD) asked Google to eliminate them from the application.

On a related note, earlier Google Maps included music streaming incorporation with a few of popular services. Analogous quick controls are now arriving to Google’s other obstacle avoidance and navigation client with the Waze Audio Player. Integrating with Spotify, the 7 new compatible audio apps compromise audiobooks, music, radio, and news.

Similar to the integration in Google Maps, the Waze Audio Player’s aim is to offer in-app management to what you are presently listening to. This will hopefully lead to a less distracting and safer experience. The audio FAB located in the top-right corner of the navigation application opens a panel sporting a round-list of app icons.

Spotify was the opening streaming associate, with 7 services now joining including Deezer, Pandora, NPR One, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Scribd, and TuneIn. This mix comprises audiobooks, podcasts, news, and radio, with consumers capable of quickly switching between them after making certain that those apps are downloaded on your handset and synced & connected with Waze.

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