Saudi Says Have No Role To Play In Bezos Message Leaks

Saudi Says Have No Role To Play In Bezos Message Leaks

Saudi Arabia has rejected the accusation that it has been involved in the leakage of Bezos message. This case is related to the confidential messages which have been conversed between CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos and National Enquirer.

This denial was made in front of the CBS, ‘Face the Nation’ by Adel al- Jubeir. He is at present the Minister of State Foreign Affairs. He commented that this accusation is more like a soap opera. He also informed that all he has heard about the message is leakage is on the television telecasts and have read about it in the newspapers. He informed that this interactions and issue regarding the same has been a matter between those 2 parties; Saudi government is completely unaware about the issue.

He made these remarks after the Amazon CEO expressed his anger on one of his blog posts against AMI. He accused the concerned of blackmail and extortion. Bezos said in his post that the National Enquirer has threatened him, stating that the intimate pictures and which Bezos has sent to his mistress will be exposed online. He also claimed that the National Enquirer has threatened to expose a sensitive selfie of the CEO.

His post also indirectly indicates a connection of AMI and CEO David Pecker with the Saudi Arabia government. He has also taken the ownership of The Washington Post. He did so because he felt that the coverage on murder of its columnist Jamal Khashoggi did not go well with all authorities.

Giving details, Bezos informed that he had to appoint investigators to probe about the way in which the National Enquirer obtained the private texts. He also informed that Pecker has apologized after the investigation took place. On the Jubeir completely ignored the news, stating that only few Arabians go through National Enquirer.

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