Russia Mulls Disconnecting With The Internet World

Russia Mulls Disconnecting With The Internet World

Russia is taking special steps to strengthen its cyber defenses. One such step is disconnecting from the global internet domain. The country is strategizing to keep all digital interactions and information within the nation. There will be no transmission of digital information to the outside world.

A draft of this law has been submitted to the parliament in 2018. Technicians will perform this test before April 1, 2019. The scientists are yet to declare any specific date for the test.

This draft law has been named as Digital Economy National Program. Under the law, the Russian Internet Service Providers have to confirm that they will actively participate in the process of the foreign powers try to isolate Russia digitally. NATO and its alliance have already threatened Russia regarding cyber-attacks. The agencies have accused Russia for instigating cyber-crimes.

In case outside world tries to isolate Russia digitally, the economy will continue its online operations within the country. For this, the nation has developed an internal internet address system. The address has been termed as DNS. At present there are 12 organizations which monitor the root servers for DNS; none of these companies are from Russia. Still the company will be able to operate digitally even if the other countries cut off digital connections. How?

Several copies of the DNS are available within the country.

The test will also check if this internal address system can route data to government managed routing points. The scientists are trying to add a filter to the data so that it reaches only to people within the country. The ultimate aim of Russian government is to gradually transmit all digital data through these domestic routing points.

This is almost a censored digital system just like the one which exists in China. This initiative will help Russia scrub out any prohibitive digital traffic.

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