Study Reveals 13 Million Poor Have No Access To Social Security In US

Study Reveals 13 Million Poor Have No Access To Social Security In US

Almost a quarter or more poverty stricken people get no help from the United States government. Urban Institute made a thorough research and analysis on the success of social safety net and the results are shocking. Be it nutrition programs, assistance for child care, welfare etc, none of the help reach them in reality. About 13 million people who survive below the poverty line, that is, the family income is less than $25,100 each year had absolutely no connection to receive government subsidies and programs for the poorest Americans.

From the very poor group, almost one third who makes less than $13,000 each year also receives no privileges or help from the programs of federal safety net. Vice President of Income and Benefits policy at the Urban Institute, Gregory Acs said that there are a whole lot of people who have no access to the federal help schemes but are in urgent need for help.

The people supposed to get government aid include huge population of African Americans. Approximately 85% of them who survive poverty have received just 1 form of help. Other poor include 70% Whites. The Hispanics and Asians had 66% and 67% poor respectively and they get zero help as well.

Researchers who have gone deeper into studying the statistics said there are certain facts why some groups have more chances to receive help compared to others. The assets of African Americans are way less than poor white, thus the former group receive more help. White people generally have better means to hold onto in times of financial crisis compared to non-white people. Even if the income is low, Whites have better homes and savings and inherit even little money. Several critics however feel that the government aid is also highly differentiated on the basis of racial discrimination.

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