Tesla’s Newest Acquisition Indicates Better Batteries For Its Upcoming Cars


EV users know what it is like to live with anxiety for range, but the latest investment by Tesla may make those travel issues simpler to live with. Previously this week, the firm verified its plans to buy San Diego-located Maxwell Technologies in a $218 Million agreement that must see the electric car manufacturer make more longer-lasting & efficient batteries for its cars.

Enhancing battery performance has been the holy grail for EV manufactures, and with so many firms now competing for attention, the race is on to make certain users do not require charging their cars frequently. It is little surprise that Tesla had its aimed for Maxwell—after all, the firm has tons of experience with conventional Li-Ion batteries. In a paper posted in 2018, Maxwell scientists Hieu Duong and Joon Shin claimed that the firm had designed “dry” battery electrodes that permitted for “enhanced cycle life and unparalleled energy density” in comparison to more conventional designs. And since Maxwell’s manufacturing process does not include toxic liquid solvents, it seems to be simpler on the environment, as well.

On a related note, the yearly Pwn2Own competition in Vancouver at the CanSecWest event normally concludes with security scientists taking home the laptops they have exploited. This year they can take a Tesla to their home. Tesla has declared that it is associating with Trend Micro (the firm that conducts the annual event) and will provide a Model 3 to be exploited. It will be the first car in the contest’s new “automotive section.”

Security scientists will try to find security flaws in the Model 3 and if they are successful, they can take a new car to home. Micro declared that more than $1 Million in prizes and cash will be accessible to scientists in this year’s competition. Apart from Tesla, the security firm has VMWare as a sponsor after associating with Microsoft. This is not Tesla’s first raid into security for its cars.

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