U.S. House Panels To Have Joint Hearing On T-Mobile, Sprint Unification

U.S. House Panels To Have Joint Hearing On T-Mobile, Sprint Unification

Two U.S. House panels are supposed to hold a joint hearing on T-Mobile and Sprint’s planned $26 Billion merger. Reportedly, this hearing will be carried out on February 13, 2019. It will also include the potential impact of this merger on customers. The committees proclaimed this week that the Judiciary Committee and the House Energy and Commerce Committee will hold a joint hearing to study the merger’s probable impacts on workers, consumers, and the wireless sector.

Both John Legere, Chief Executive, T-Mobile, as well as Marcelo Claure, Chairman, Sprint, have agreed to give evidence for the same. Reportedly, senior Democrats on both the panels and two subcommittees proclaimed that the unification between Sprint and T-Mobile would join two of the four biggest wireless carriers. It will also include the carriers with the biggest numbers of low-income customers.

On a similar note, a “snackable” video service is supposed to be rolled out for T-Mobile’s Metro prepaid brand in the upcoming month. Magenta might not have rolled out TV service in 2018 itself, but, Metro is supposed to be getting a comparable service in the upcoming weeks. T-Mobile’s complete video streaming service is scheduled to appear later this year. Xumo, a video provider, has verified that it is working with Metro on a snackable content app. Reportedly, the firm is about to introduce this app on two smartphones in the upcoming month.

It was earlier supposed that this would be nearer to an apt TV service. However, that does not seem to be the case. The mobile channels presently available on Xumo contain the likes of Bloomberg, Fox Sports, CBSN, NBC News, in addition to sovereign stations such as Cheddar. The explanation provided by Xumo highlights that the app it has created for Metro might not present similar channels. Instead, it might focus on video on demand.

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