565 Million Years Back Earth’s Magnetic Field Was Almost Collapsed—Study


According to a new study published in Nature Geoscience, says that our planet’s magnetic field, which is responsible for protecting life from powerful solar radiation, has collapsed 565 million years ago.

As per the study, the life on Earth has not faced any severe challenges due to the probable solidification of the molten core in the late Ediacaran period. At present, the magnetic field of Earth is ten times stronger than it was earlier. The research team led by Richard Bono who is a paleomagnetism researcher at the University of Rochester has used ancient crystals which are taken from a place near the city of Sept-Îles in Québec. Researchers used these crystals to reconstruct the timeline of Earth’s solidification.

The new study claims that that Earth’s nucleation or solidification began after 565 million years ago. The inner core of the Earth is made up of solid iron-nickel alloy. This alloy is as hot as the sun’s surface. The nucleus of the Earth is covered by a liquid outer core. The core of our planet is slowly expanding by freezing the liquid iron and nickel to its mass which is responsible to force heat into the outer core of the Earth and it eventually boosts the magnetic field of our planet.

Researchers used crystals in their study, as the magnetic field of Earth leaves its marks in some minerals by influencing the orientation of lattice formation. Researchers used pyroxene and feldspar crystals for their study which are taken from Ediacaran-aged rock near Sept-Îles. The crystals show that the magnetic field of the Earth was going irrational during the late Ediacaran by moving back its polarities 20 times faster than it does now. It will take a profound study to clarify our understanding of the fluctuations in Earth’s magnetic field that affected the evolution of life.

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