Melting Glaciers Exposed the Ice-Covered Land After 40,000 Years

Melting Glaciers Exposed the Ice-Covered Land After 40,000 Years

Rising global warming has swiftly emerged out prehistoric landscapes that remain buried under the ice for thousands of years.

In a new study, plants were collected by the researchers from 30 ice caps on Baffin Island in Canada. The findings suggest that vegetation has recently become uncovered after staying under the ice load for more than 40,000 Years continuously.

And the current century could be expected as the warmest for the region among the last 115 centuries.

If the temperatures continue to increase at the same rates, scientists alert that icy covering and glacial lands could dissolve within a few more centuries.

The research is published in the journal Nature Communications. The researchers collected 48 plant samples along with few frozen lichens and moss long-preserved in the Baffin’s ice caps in their actual developing stages. They analyzed all the samples using radiocarbon dating used radiocarbon dating. From the last few decades, an unusual rise in the summer temperatures has been observed in that area.

Simon Pendleton—lead author of the study—said that the temperature at Arctic region is rising two to three times faster than the remaining world, which of course, strongly affects the ice caps and glaciers.

The scientists collected ancient plant samples from the site in the month of August, along with quartz samples to identify the age and history of ice-cover.

Pendleton said that the carbon date identified by analyzing the plant samples could possibly reveal the age of rooted plants, which could also reveal the time of formation of ice covering the land.

The samples were analyzed by the researchers in the lab along with examining the changes occurred in the historical data collected from ice sheets.

The glaciers have not been using any complex biological process to develop some alterations for reducing the climate change effect, they directly respond to climate change.

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