New Therapeutic Target Discovered In Fight Opposite Chronic Liver Disease

New Therapeutic Target Discovered In Fight Opposite Chronic Liver Disease

Chronic liver disease is recognized as the soundless killer, as it displays no obvious signs until the disease has developed to an enhanced level. Hence, making a proper analysis in the early phase of disease development can be a clinical hurdle. A global team of scientists, associated with UNIST, has verified a novel method that controls the signaling pathways induced by ECM (extracellular matrix). This might serve as a novel therapeutic target and diagnostic marker in the fight opposite to chronic liver diseases.

Spearheaded by Professor Jiyoung Park at UNIST in the School of Life Sciences, the research group has found that ETP (endotrophin) has an important role in making a pathological microenvironment in chronic liver disease’s liver tissues. ETP is a marker of COL6 (collagen type VI) production, recognized as the connection between cancer and obesity. “Via the verification of the correlation between chronic liver disease and ETP, this research unlocked new doors in the battle opposite to liver diseases.”

On a related note, in an evaluation of registry info for over 5,300 liver transplants conducted in kids all over the nation, researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine verify the kind of patient who is most expected to stay alive in a split liver transplant (getting just a part of a liver) with no extra long-term health dangers, which can permit for an elevation in the accessibility of organs. A report on the new research is posted in the Liver Transplantation journal’s December issue.

“Children dying while on the waitlist are the worst probable outcome,” claims Douglas Mogul to the media in an interview. He is Pediatric Liver Transplant Program’s medical director at Johns Hopkins Children Center. He is also an assistant professor of pediatric hepatology, gastroenterology, and nutrition at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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