Researchers Claim That Gene Therapy Promotes Nerve Regeneration

Researchers Claim That Gene Therapy Promotes Nerve Regeneration

Scientist from the LUMC (Leiden University Medical Center) and the NIN (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience) have displayed that treatment employing gene therapy results in quicker recovery post nerve damage. By mixing a surgical repair process with gene therapy, the regeneration of nerve fibers and survival of nerve cells over a long distance was for the first time stimulated. The result, posted in the Brain journal, is an essential step towards the progress of a new therapy for individuals suffering from nerve damage.

Following a traffic accident or during birth, neck nerves can be torn out of the spinal cord. Consequently, these patients lose their arm functionality, and are not able to conduct daily activities such as drinking. Presently, surgical treatment is the only accessible treatment for people suffering this type of nerve injury. “After operation, nerve fibers have to bridge a huge gap before getting to the nerve cells and muscles from which new fibers require to regenerate are lost in huge amount.

On a related note, latest progress in neuroscience places high needs for refined management of data, not least when Brain Machine Interfaces, which are implantable, are employed to set up electronic contact between the computers and nerve cells of the brain. A new technique designed by scientists in Sweden at Lund University makes it likely to recode neurological signals into a form that computer chips can employ instantaneously. The technique has now been posted in the Neuroinformatics scientific journal.

The Lund scientists utilized virtual recordings coming from nerve cells to assess the technique. “The technique will allow us to optimize the method we utilize the stable high-quality recordings that we can perform at the Neuronano Research Center with electrodes designed there,” claims one of the scientists behind the research and Professor at Lund University for Neurophysiology, Jens Schouenborg, to the media in an interview.

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