DNC States That Russians Release More Phishing Attacks Post Midterms

DNC States That Russians Release More Phishing Attacks Post Midterms

The media mentions court papers filed by the DNC (Democratic National Committee) that claimed that it thinks a Russian group released a hacking attempt in opposition to it after midterm elections in 2018. The lawsuit blames a conspiracy between Russian intelligence, President Trump’s campaign, and Wikileaks aiming for 2016’s Hillary Clinton campaign.

As per the media reports, the DNC claimed that “dozens” of email IDs in its organization were aimed by spearphishing, while FireEye (security firm) connected them to a bugger campaign that comprised public sector, think tanks, and law enforcement, among others. While they claimed that a Russian hacking outfit recognized was APT29, the Dukes or Cozy Bear is expected to be behind the attack. Although, it did not provide a firm attribution and we know how hard that can be. Most of the defendants have attempted to have it dismissed claiming it is just cover for the DNC losing the election in 2016.

On a related note, the Department of the Treasury of the US earlier sanctioned new approvals against Russian nationals who supposedly made attempts to meddle with elections. The sanctions aims 15 military intelligence officials for a series of activities, comprising 9 who were accused in involvement for the DNC hack a couple of years ago. It also approves entities and people associated to Project Lakhta. That comprises Elena Khusyaynova, who was accrued in October with controlling the Project Lakhta’s budget.

Other approvals concern a cyberattack in Russia in 2016 on the World Anti-Doping Agency, in which attackers attained authorization to medical info of athletes and leaked it. This comes after an indictment in opposition to 7 intelligence executives in October for the crime. Two individuals were also sanctioned for the nerve gas assault in opposition to an ex-Russian agent previously in 2018. The Treasury Department claims that the sanctions were approved in response to continued disregard by Russia for global norms.

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