Apple Teams Up With J&J To Early Diagnose Heart Disorders

Apple Teams Up With J&J To Early Diagnose Heart Disorders

Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc., currently acquired by Johnson & Johnson, is working with Apple Inc. on heart health program under which the heartbeat is thoroughly diagnosed using an app developed by Johnson & Johnson for Apple watch. The ECG comprising app would not only notify regarding any irregular rhythm but take the diagnostics sector to the next level. At present, around 33 Million people are suffering from a heart stroke and other complicated heart problems due to a condition, atrial fibrillation (AFib); globally.

The research focuses to analyze if earlier detection and diagnosis of AFib using Apple watch could provide better outcomes in terms of prevention of heart strokes. In later 2019, the project will be launched specifically in the US and will involve the evaluation of randomized people including in an age group of 65 Years or above.

Paul Burton—a multiple-positions holder in Janssen Pharmaceuticals—said that this evolution of utilizing advanced technology in the healthcare sector could possibly help in early diagnosis and improvement in the treatments. The alliance between Johnson & Johnson and Apple Inc. for diagnosing cardiovascular diseases at the early stages through leading-edge technologies would increase the average life span of human generations.

Johnson & Johnson is almost set to reveal its earnings report for Q4 of the year 2018. As per the analysts’ expectations, the company’s revenue growth would possibly plunge for its previous year’s quarter. However, the considerable demands and sales of its oncology drugs—Darzalex, Imbruvica, and Zytiga—have been efficiently boosting the revenue growth and is expected to follow the same trend.

The overall healthcare sector of the company is assumed to expand moderately in terms of revenue, as the rise in beauty products’ sales is neutralized by the decreasing demand of Baby Care products. Also, the medical sector of the company is expecting insignificant growth, as the revenue growth in the medical sector will be neutralized by considerable revenue drop through Diabetes Care products.

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