Newly Found Super-Earth Exoplanet Might Foster Alien Life: Study

Newly Found Super-Earth Exoplanet Might Foster Alien Life: Study

The recently found cold super-Earth exoplanet revolving around the red dwarf Barnard—the 2nd nearest star system to our planet—has the likelihood to foster primitive life, states research. GJ 699 b, or Barnard b is a super-Earth with a least of 3.2 Earth masses. It revolves around its red star close to the snow-line—a space where water freezes—every 233 Days.

Though probably cold (−170°C), it can still have the capability to foster primitive life if it boasts a huge, hot nickel or iron core and improved geothermal activity, as per the scientists from the Villanova University, the United States. Astrophysicist Edward Guinan said, “Geothermal heating can back ‘life zones’ beneath its surface, similar to subsurface lakes located in Antarctica.”

Even if very faint, it might be likely for Barnard b to be pictured by future very large telescopes, as per Guinan. He said, “Such interpretation will explain the nature of the surface, atmosphere, and potential habitability of the planet.” The most noteworthy feature of the finding of Barnard’s star b is that the 2 closest star structures to the Sun are now recognized to host planets.

On a similar note, making use of particulars from the Kepler space telescope of NASA, a squad of 2 NASA interns and amateur astronomers has located a new “super-Earth.” Just about two times the Earth’s size, and dubbed K2-288Bb, this new world is positioned within the habitable zone of its star, mounting anticipations it can hold life. As per NASA, it’s in the Taurus constellation approximately 226 light-years away and can be a gas-rich planet akin to Neptune or could be rocky.

Its size is unusual among exoplanets. The planet is positioned in a stellar system called K2-288 that holds a couple of cool, dim stars estranged by around 5.1 billion miles—approximately 6x the distance between the Sun and Saturn.

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