Germany Mulls Banning Huawei From Its Mobile Network

Germany Mulls Banning Huawei From Its Mobile Network

Following the rumors surrounding Huawei about security issues and call for ban by US and other western nations, Germany too is mulling about not using the world’s second largest telecom equipment provider’s products for setting up its latest mobile phone network. Berlin is considering adoption of strict security norms for protection of its 5G networks and as several nations have urged against usage of Huawei equipment as it is a Chinese firm and there have been reports that its networks have been used for espionage and surveillance. But Huawei has strongly denied claims that its networks are being used for spying by Chinese government.

As countries around the world are making a shift from old 4G networks to 5G networks, a large market exists for another large wave of infrastructure change in mobile networks and Huawei is regarded as a market leader in providing equipment for 5G networks at competitive rates. In recent years due to several hacking incidents of government and private networks from locations in China that caused severe disruption of work at critical organizations governments have become wary of using equipment made by Chinese firms. This is why Huawei is facing stiff resistance from US, New Zealand, Australia and now Germany.

Though Germany’s interior ministry had issued a statement earlier that it would not discriminate against any supplier, but now it says that due to adoption of strict security norms it has no option except exclude Huawei.  Even UK and Canada have raised concerns about Huawei and are planning either replace their existing equipment or refrain from using its equipment when they roll out 5G networks across their countries. This move has led Huawei to declare that its sees no rational reason for exclusion from building 5G networks in any countries of the world and that all the claims that its networks were being used for espionage were unfounded.

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